DnD 4e decided to streamline the old alignment system from nine alignments down to five. This system does not work in Asteria. Below is an explanation of the alignments available in the world.

Lawful Good
The Lawful Good character is the noble crusader fighting for what is right and just and standing against evil where it rears its head. They dedicated to justice and truth and rarely accept any action that could be interpret as the slightest bit illegal. They are hard headed in their devotion and believe that the right thing is always the best thing even if it is at their own expense or detriment. Primal Classes CANNOT be Lawful Good as their bond with the spiritual world is too chaotic to follow a rigid code of honor.

Neutral Good
A good heart and a noble soul but not bound by any specific code of laws or ethics but also more apt to help others then someone who follows chaos would be. They level headed and very often act as mediators when conflicts arise between lawful party member and chaotic party members.

Chaotic Good
Noble rogues, tricksters and just warriors who know what justice is but don’t let it stop them from having fun. They are quick to follow causes and believe in freedom above all else. They often but heads with more lawful characters as a chaotic good character believes in helping people but may not do it in the most appropriate way.

Lawful Neutral
The law is absolute is the motto of the lawful neutral character. They follow a strict code and will not deviate from it whether that law helps or harms someone. Even if a tyrant is running rampant in a land unless someone can clearly show that the tyrant does not have the legal right to do so. Primal Characters CANNOT be Lawful Neutral.

True Neutral
Balance is the primary mantra of the true neutral character. They do not act to any extreme whether it be law or chaos or good or evil. They may help those around them but will take the time to consider the action and ensure it is the most balanced course of actions. True Neutral characters are often seen as aloof and withdrawn when dealing with other people. They are very calculating and will never act or speak without thought.

Chaotic Neutral
Me, myself and I, the Chaotic neutral character cares only for themselves and will do almost anything they can to make sure they come out on top. They not above causing pain or torture if it gets them what they want, conversely they are also not above helping someone in need as long as the price is right.

Lawful Evil
Evil does not have to be without honor. A Lawful Evil will harm those around them to accomplish their task but will not go out of their way to do so. They seek fair fights against hated foes and can even be respectable at times but evil still prevails and they will do whatever it takes to succeed. Primal Characters CANNOT be Lawful Evil.

Neutral Evil
Self-serving and narcissistic a neutral evil character cares for nothing but themselves. They will not go out of their way to harm someone very often leaving others to do it for them and simply stealing the prize for doing so. Indeed some of the most hated characters in all of Asteria simply because of how annoying they are.

Chaotic Evil
True unadulterated evil, hatred and darkness at its core. Hate drives them and destruction is their only goal. These are the monsters in all the fairytales used to scare child, these are the darkest of tyrants across all of Asteria, names that all good fear.


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