The follow is a time line of history from the creation of the world to the current era. Numbering standard for years are denoted as BGW (signifying that event occurred before the God’s War) and AGW (signifying that the events occurred after the God’s War.)

Time of the Progenitors
50,000 BGW- The All-Father Aleron and the Over-Mother Estinara bring their divine sparks together creating the
Astral Tear

45,000 BGW- The Over-Mother in a fit of desolation shatters the Astral Tear. The shards become the stars in the heavens.

42,000 BGW- Looking upon the remaining shards of Astral Tear, The Over-Mother calls upon the All-Father once more but this time to breath life into the largest remain shard… Astaria is born.

40,500 BGW- Sensing the birth of a new sovereign plane, Eltranazkul the Arbiter of Demons enters the prime material and settles within the celestial realm that holds Astaria. Aleron wishes to remove the demon from the realm, Estinara asks for caution but no action. Eltranazkul remains but does not upset the balance of the realm.

38,700 BGW- Estinara looks down over the realms and finds it dark and lonely. She entreats Aleron and they bring their divine sparks together once more to create a new Astral Tear. Astaria is bathed in light.

35,000 BGW- Eltranazkul attempts to destroy the Astral Tear to cause the return of the darkness. He is stopped by Aleron who acted to kill but was stopped Estinara who reminded him that she herself once did the same thing. Eltranazkul was allowed to return to his corner of the cosmos.

Time of the Six Sisters
31,000 BGW- Bathed in the light of the Astral Tear, Aleron admits that he is lonely in the realm as well. Bringing the divine sparks together once more, Llwellyn a daughter is born. With her first breath magic is brought into the realm.

29,400 BGW- While playing Llwellyn breaths magic into a tree on Astaria. From that magical tree sprang the first Arcane Spirits. Coalescing these spirits into existence, Llwellyn gives birth to the Eladrin people.

28,000 BGW- Realizing that their daughter has grown up, Aleron and Estinara unite once more and new goddess born. This one far different from Llwellyn, naming her Dweormina from her laughter the concept of family is brought to the Eladrin people.

26,900 BGW- The idea of family still fairly new to the Eladrin people many do not wish to form bounds such as that. The ones that do leave the Phantasmal Lands of the Eladrin and start to roam the surface of Astaria.

25,900 BGW-A millennium after their self impose exile from the Phantasmal lands, the separatists from the Eladrin finally lose their last vestiges of immortality. Seeking to create a new name and new people they call themselves the Elves.

22,975 BGW- After eons of strife Aleron and Estinara decide the Elves need the guidance that the Eladrin have in the now adult Llwellyn. Bringing the spark together once more, a new daughter is born. Carrying the blood of the Elven people she is called Analethyia. Her smile brings song to the realm.

20,500 BGW- Dweormina loses faith that either the Eladrin or the Elves can really bring peace and growth to the world. She releases a bit of her own divine spark into the uncultivated land and from her the Halfling people are born.

19,000 BGW- Skirmishes between the territorial Elves and the protective halflings mark the first war between two races on Astaria. Analethya quickly steps in and ends the war. The Elves banish those who will not follow her will beneath the world.

17,500 BGW- Analethyia takes pity on the outcasts of her race and does something that none of sisters had ever dreamed of before… she bestowed divinity on to one of her priests named Kaletcurian and sent him to watch over and protect those that had been cast down.

16,800 BGW- Feeling a spirit she did not recognize the ancient spirit of power known as Caldera enters the prime material to examine. The magical effects of the Astral Tear coalesce Caldera into a physical form. The Halflings are the first to see this and begin to call her Dratgo or winged sovereign. The Elves come upon her as well and name Astrgon or Star Flier. Caldera takes both names and forms it into one merely calling herself… Dragon.

15,000 BGW- Feel the realm teeming with life, the entity of devouring know only as Exargaze enters the prime material and begins to absorb the life from all things both divine and mundane in the realm. The Astral Tear changes from crystal blue to a dark red as energy is seeped from it.

13,900 BGW- After centuries of fighting the devourer alone, the four over deities in the Realm band together to seal Exargaze in a piece of the original Astral Tear and send it far from the prime material. Each of the over-deities give of themselves to restore energy to the Astral Tear. Though never regaining its brilliant blue glow, it regain enough energy to sustain life on the planet.

12,500 BGW- In an attempt to reward Caldera for her services in defeating Exargaze, Estinara and Aleron come together once more and new daughter is born baring a resemblance to Caldera. This daughter was name Verinitia and with her first roar, Righteousness was brought into the realm. Aleron refused to extend the same reward to Eltranazkul.

11,000 BGW- Time passed and things remain calm for the realm. During this time of peace quite by accident Aleron and Estinara had another daughter. She was short like Dweormina but much more stout. Caldera suggested the name Beladonna Heartforge for the new daughter. With the clap of her hands, dedication was brought to the world.

9,500 BGW- Seeing very little work done on Astaria, Beladonna Heartforge breath life into stone itself giving birth to the Drawven people. They quickly establish the underground kingdom of Understone.

4,800 BGW- Many eons pass and the world of Astaria grows into a lively place. Seeing that four of her daughters were busy working with their children and that her fifth daughter had all but been adopted by Caldera, Estinara pleaded with Aleron for another child. He acquiesced and another union was had. This time a daughter very similar to her mother was born. Named Celestia the sparkle of her eyes brings forth determination on to the realm.

The time of sorrow
1000 BGW- Eltranazkul had had enough of Aleron’s rule and attacked him directly. The battle between the two hated foes would cause great suffering through the realm but Aleron was able to repulse Eltranazkul but not without suffering injury.

400 BGW- Eltranazkul regains his strength but this time goes after Astaria directly. Caldera was able to fight him off but the battle was too much for her and she dies.

250 BGW- Vernitia distraught over the loss of Caldera attacks Eltranazkul. Easily able to fight off and defeat the under deity he spares her life and returns her to Estinara as thanks for saving his life on many occasions.

5 BGW- With nothing to protect it and his injuries fully recovered from, Eltranazkul unleashes an army of demons upon Astaria. The mortal races attempt to defend themselves with little success

3 BGW- Aleron sensing the impending defeat of his grand children calls forth his own divine spark to create a race of defenders that he names Aasimar. These god touched being begin to repulse the demon born.

0 AGW- The God’s War in full force on Astaria, Estinara is saddened by the lose of life and the near destruction of the planet. She goes to Eltranazkul and asks him to stop the war. He swears a blood oath to do so under one condition… Estinara give herself over to him for one night she agrees and the Night of Passion ensues. Honoring his blood oath Eltranazkul leaves the prime material forever.

2 AGW- One final daughter is born as a result of the union during the Night of Passion. This daughter is the amalgamation between divine and demonic. She is given the name Dalvina and with her birth the last element to balance out the divine brought fourth upon the realm… lust.

5 AGW- With the last of the demon born destroyed, Estinara strips the Aasamir of their immortality and divine spark but leaves them with their dedication to protect the world. Aleron leaves the realm and Estinara behind as he saw this as the final act of betrayal.

150 AGW- Dalvina bored with peace decides the time has come to make mischief. From her loins spring demonic children. The Tiefling people are born and begin to start a war anew.

175 AGW- After centuries of being worshiped as a deity rather then just a herald of Analethyia as well as realizing that the outcast had now become something wholly different due to the warping affects of the recently opened World Wound, Kaletcurian declares himself the god of a new race, the Drow people are born.


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