The following races are denizens of the World of Astaria. This page will serve a brief introduction to the races however each will be explained in more detail in their own pages. The explanations presented here override any written rules provide in printed sources.

The Sovereign Seven

These races are the leaders of the world. They are the strongest and most populace of all of the races of Astaria. These seven races are said to have the blood of the goddesses flowing through their veins.

Perhaps the youngest race of all the Sovereign seven, however they are the most populace and even though their ancient empires are now in shambles they still cover the most territory. They are very adaptive and different human communities have differing ideals from one another. No longer one united nation, humans can be found almost anywhere in the world save for its most far off places.

Second only to the Eladrin in age, the Elven people are descended from a sect of fey that left the Phantasmal Lands in order to explore the rest of the lands the Over-mother provided them. Over time they lost the timelessness and connection to leylines of the magic to the world but have never lost their bond with nature that they fey ancestors held dear.

The timeless race, undying and unaging, the Eladrin people are said to be the most powerful magic users to ever walk Astaria. They were the first race to be born from the Over-mother and the All-father and thus hold the deepest connection to their deities. They are beautiful, intelligent but aloof and mysterious. The hail from the Phantasmal Lands, a place where the laws of reality do not apply.

The stout and noble mountain dwelling people of the northern continent. They are the most organized of all the races as they never participated in the World Wound Wars and still maintain their ancient understone kingdoms. They are the best crafts people the world has ever seen.

The strongest warriors in all of Astaria, the Dragonborn are the second youngest of all of the Sovereign races and are always out to prove something. They pay hamage to the ancient dragons of old and many of their customs are based around the ideals of battle and war.

The ancient family lines of the Halfing people are some of the oldest organization still standing on Astaria. They are a cheeful folk who believe that family comes before all else but also believe that anyone can be family if they so chose to be. Halflings are some of the most accepting people in all of the world.

Dark and mysterious, the Tiefling are the result of a night of passion that ended the god wars millennia before the rise of civilization. The Tiefling people run the gamut from honorable knights to evil monsters and everywhere in between. Most Tieflings that leave the defiled lands are one that seek a more civilized life.

The Free Races

These are the races that you will find in the world that are not directly descended from the Seven Sisters. Though some of them do have divine origin other exist because of a twist of fate or some magical occurrence.

These beings were once of many races but were affected by the Starfall that covered the entire planet in different ways then most. Scholars have yet to determine why these individual were affect and now that the blood lines have become so long probably never will. Imbued with the very elements themselves they hold nearly as much arcane power as the Eladrin though in a far more focused way.

Many centuries ago a mad man irrevocably changed the lives of a community of what were then humans. Twisting the dreams of people in order to try to control them his plan instead backfired and he was lost in his own. What came out of his horrid experiments were the Kalashtar people. Wise and Charismatic the Kalashtar people also possess a power few others understand, the power of the mind… Psionics.

Originally created as soldiers by All-father, the Aasimar people were stripped of the divine spark after the Night of Passion ended the God’s War. Despite this the Aasimar people have always believed themselves to be the chosen defenders of the world against evil and hold a hatred for the Tiefling people that has sparked wars. Beyond their devotion to protection they are a caring and thoughtful people will help anyone in need even a Tiefling.

Memories are said be the key to identity of a person. For some, those memories are so powerful that even in the death of the shell the memories remain. The Deva people are the keepers of these memories. They are the reincarnation of memories that have come before. Many Deva have died and been reborn numerous times through out history. The first Deva came from the children of many races but they have now gained their own identity and Deva are born exclusively to other Deva.

The God’s War left many wounds on the world of Astaria. One of the most significant, of course is the World Wound which is literally a tear clean through the world. Few dare to tread anywhere near it however humans very rarely stay away from some place, even one as dangerous as the World Wound. However teams that were sent to explore the dangers of the place never returned. Eventually these explorations were stopped but not before the teams that were sent had already been… changed. These are the Shadar-kai. The Shadar-Kai were once humans who have been warped by the energies emitted by the World Wound. They are dark skinned and hold a dark demeanor. Few ever venture out from their ancestral cities but those that do are found to be cold and unfeeling.

Elves for all of the wisdom they display now were for many centuries a savage race. This was until the Battle of the Dividing Line. After this, the more bloodthirsty of the race were cast down into the nearly exacted World Wound never be seen again. However these elves did not die, they merely became shadows of their former selves. Becoming one with the wound itself, the Drow people were born. Touch by the very darkness wounding the world itself they strive to regain the light they were cast out of.

Of all the races of Astaria perhaps the most people are the Goliath. These giants of the windward hills were first bread as guardians of the Dwarven holds before they were freed following the end of the World Wound Wars. They soon abandoned they warring ways but never lost the need to protect. While they will not start a fight they can and will finish it. Other then that they are hardy and welcoming people.

The Forlorn Races

There are three races that are both ridiculed and reviled among all others for very different reasons. One is fear as a harbinger of death and another is hated for a past they had no control over and the last was a slave race whose very sentience is questioned.

Most races sees these being as undead monstrosities or worse harbingers of destruction. In reality this is not true but is hard to look past the fact they have no heartbeat and blood red eyes. A Revenant soul can be of any race and they exist to accomplish a task. Whatever that task is very often not known to them and the live hard lives shunned by all living beings.

Half Elves
The result of a tryst that nearly destroy both the Human and Elven peoples, Half-Elves are hated merely because they exist. They are permanent reminder of the hubris of Humanity and flippant nature of Elves. However the people themselves are kind and generous despite being hated be pretty much everyone. Most half elves in the world fight to bring their people some amount of forgiveness for a crime they committee simply by being born.

The result of a wizard’s sick attempt to make a sex toy for himself, the Felinkind have been nothing more then slaves for most of their existence. Use for all sorts of base and inhumane tasks up to and including hunting fodder due their ability to reason and react. Even after being freed by the Treaty of Arcos in 6,274 AGW they are rare to see due to being hunted to extinction. There are some today that even question whether or not they should be treated as anything more then mere animals.


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