The world of Astaria is a place steeped in history and mystery. The world you step into is a place where wounds from wars long past still plague the world. Where those that have power do whatever is necessary to maintain power to the detriment of all. However even in that oppression most of the people of the seven continents still live relatively peaceful lives.

However, peace is very often an illusion and is easily shattered. This is the world that you enter. A world that has no clue of the machinations happening in secret and has yet to truly see the darkness that is befalling them. From varied races and cultures whatever reason you find yourself in the city of Garaheld you are soon drawn into conflict that will rewrite the history of Astaria and change the face of the world as whole. Are you ready to be called to be one of the Seekers of the Sovereign Soul.

Seekers of the Sovereign Soul